De Ridder THO is the company for all your occasions. De Ridder SRM has approximately 30 employees now become your all-encompassing service. They ensure that your de Ridder occasion delivers the performance you expect.
• We have the machine you put in the agreed condition
• We keep your machine through preventive maintenance as long as possible in the best condition
• and we can always stand aside with the appropriate specialist in case of questions or application fault occurs
As a wholly independent division we can focus entirely on service. We do this as ISO9001: 2008 certified company with about 22 field service engineers which have very broad product knowledge both mechanical and electrical fields. Our sales people include VCA certified.
By offering additional services we provide a total package “carefree metal work.”

Preventive maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Service Contract with many interesting discounts.
  • Guaranteed response time in case of faults.
  • Support your ISO certification.

Commissioning and training

  • Training immediately after the delivery.
  • Factory Trained specialists.
  • Training in the Dutch language.
  • New employees? Ask continuing education.

Revision and revision part

De Ridder Service Overhaul & Measurement example provides everything you need to successfully overhaul of all your high-precision machine tools:

  • Many years of experience.
  • Specialist knowledge.
  • Modern revision workshop.
  • Guaranteed accuracy μ.

We promise

One occasion from De Ridder assured you of a worry-free future.
Each machine from De Ridder is for sale inspected by our specialists.
They make an inspection, test report and repair any defects.

  • A status report of the machine when you buy
  • Transportation, unloading and placing the machine (Optional)
  • Commissioning the service specialists from De Ridder SRM (Optional)

The latest resources in a modern workshop, combined with a unique piece of craftsmanship. These are the success factors that we do not want to offer. Proudly Precision and service to the last μ!